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1958 Lister Jaguar Sports Racer

The Jaguar D-Type sports racer was in huge demand in the 1950s because of its extraordinary performance on the track, yet due to a fire at Jaguar’s Browns Lane factory in 1957 burnt down the plant and the competition cars inside the factory. As a quick solution Jaguar turned to car builder Brian Lister, who had been in the scene since 1954. It was under such circumstance that Lister Jaguar, which perhaps might be more common known as ‘Knobbly’, was born.

Out of the 17 Knobbly examples built using Lister supplied body and chassis paired with Jaguar’s engine and drivetrain, this particular example, BHL113, was the rare one that didn’t have any racing record. For such reason the vehicle is estimated with a lower value, but it doesn’t mean the mechanics and design on this car are of less quality. After restoration the sports racer features a new engine, while the new body was crafted from aluminium sheet according to the late 50’s style. While it might not have hit the track, it was fitted with more interesting interior with racing green padded leather instead of being stripped down for racing purpose. Check out the Classic Auto Mall page if you are interested in the Knobbly.