A Car from the Future
Bentley Centanne Concept

There seem to be two new trends in the world of automobile brewing: one is the technology development of the electric cars, and the other is about the design – from traditional silhouette to some unique and unexpected shapes.  The recent concept car of Bentley is definitely a good demonstration of both.

Designed by Joseph Robinson, this concept has been named Bentley Centanne and equipped with electric motors.  Thanks to the modular design, this Concept is made to be adaptable to various cabins, from a coupe cabin, a crossover cabin and a Shooting Brake style cabin.  Among them, the Shooting Brake looks more intriguing than the others.

The Concept Shooting Brake features a roomy rear cabin that supports a C-shaped rear bench seat, which can be turned around.  The rear-end can be widely opened up, too.  So, in a starry night, users can turn the rear seatback and open the rear-end to set up a comfortable place to sit and look up to the beautiful night sky with some champagne and snacks.

As shown in the official images, this impressive Concept looks like a transformed GT.  The sleek contour together with the imposing LED headlights and taillights plus a set of huge wheel project a futuristic and cool style.  Bentley has already announced that its first all-electric production vehicle will only be launched in 2025, so maybe this Concept is really a car from the future?