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HJC Helmets RPHA 11 Pro Boba Fett

When riders want to make a statement on the street, it’s generally the style and performance of the bike first, everything else second. While there are quite a lot of eye-catching helmet choices in the market, there are few that have the impact to stand out as much as this.

With just a slight glance at the RPHA 11 Pro Boba Fett from HJC Helmets, many would immediately recognise HJC has reproduced the helmet of Boba Fett, the infamous bounty hunter hailing from the Star Wars universe. Yet, for HJC, it’s not just about tongue-in-cheek style, but also real professional specs. Its shell combines carbon fibre, aramid, fibreglass, and organic non-woven fabric for light weight and serious strength; it comes with advanced aerodynamic slickness and HJC’s Advanced Channel Ventilation System for extra comfort. The visor is anti-fog and features an easy, quick locking system for safety. The interior is anti-bacterial and the fast drying lining is removable and washable, making it convenient for daily care.

The question is, will you look cool to everyone on the road, or just geeks (like us) in the know? We’re sure Boba Fett wouldn’t care either way, and neither should you.