Power Of The Sun
IKEA x Little Sun Sammanlänkad solar gadgets

Little Sun is a global project and social business founded by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen that aims to develop sustainable, reliable, and affordable light and energy solutions, especially for those living without electricity. The team announced their collaborative project with IKEA during Democratic Design Days 2018 in Sweden and a  year later they present the prototypes of the new solar product range SAMMANLÄNKAD at the same event. 

The name of the range means “connected” in Swedish, as the team “want to connect the world by sharing the power of the sun in order to promote a sustainable lifestyle”. Currently over one billion people worldwide live with minimal or no access to electricity, which limits working or studying hours to those available in daylight. For us city dwellers, we rely mainly on electricity and seldom make use of solar energy even though everyone has access to the sun. The new range of products will serve as a good reminder for us to live with a sustainable lifestyle. Scheduled to release in 2021 in all IKEA markets, the range will included solar panels that can be attached and connected to windows, charging docks and lights.