Crystal Clear Artistry
Flatsixfanatics Porsche 911 Engine 1:4 Scale

Germany’s Franzis has come up with a scale model engine for lovers of all things horizontally-opposed. Best of all, every moving part is observable inside a crystal clear engine case.

These incredible models are now being imported into the US by Flat Six Fanatics, which, as the name suggests, has an obsession for all things Porsche. Franciz’s latest product, the Porsche 911 Engine 1:4 Scale Model Kit, not only offers a complete battery-powered rotating assembly but also features LED illuminated simulated spark plug firing and an electronic sound module oozing with authentic flat-six boxer engine harmonics. The transparent shell lets you peek inside the intricately modelled 2.0L 1966 911 engine brimming with superb details, such as the “air cooling” spinning engine fan, the belt-driven cams and the working gear-driven distributor. The whole kit comes with over 290 pieces, which you can assemble without glue. The package also includes a detailed Porsche-licensed instruction book identical to the original found at the Porsche Museum in Germany.

The Porsche 911 Engine 1:4 scale model kit is available for order on the Flat Six Fanatics website.

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