Camera With Three Pinholes
ONDU Pinhole Cameras MK III

ONDU launched their first wooden pinhole camera in 2013. A camera with no lens, no focus, no mirror and no batteries, yet it is still able to create mesmeric images. Over the years the brand has developed two generations of cameras of different formats and has just conceived the MK III series.

The new series includes cameras ranging from 135 mm to 4×5 film formats and some panoramic options. The new red window shutter on the backplate of the 120 film cameras makes using 135 film in medium format cameras possible with an additional adapter. These cameras are made of either ash or walnut wood, while some of the parts are created rom CNC-milled aluminium The front of the camera features hidden magnets so that filters can be added for more creative images.

ONDU also introduced the Rise series in walnut wood that includes cameras each with three pinholes instead of one, which helps composing images with the rule of thirds in mind without distorting the perspective in our image. User can choose to shoot between the three pinholes, making it the most versatile pinhole camera from ONDU.

The Kickstarter campaign for funding this project has ended successfully, meaning these latest version of cameras will be produced and available in the mid of next year.