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People People Transparent Speaker

Speakers usually come in the form of dark, rectangular boxes. In recent years, many brands and designers have been coming up with speakers that are more stylish and fit in with the style of different households. The particular example being introduced here is definitely one of the freshest and most original designs we’ve seen in a while.

The People People’s transparent speaker originated from one of the team’s university projects, and it went through a couple of revisions before its final release. Inside the transparent case, all the unnecessary parts have been stripped off and only the essentials stay. The appearance is not only clean and neat, but it has been made with sustainability in mind. A little tool comes with the speaker so that the user can replace every part of the speaker when looking for an upgrade, while the old parts taken off can be recycled.

Technically it uses premium audio components with a 6.5-inch subwoofer for the roaring bass and two 3-inch full-range stereo drivers for giving out crispy highs and punchy mid-tones. The speaker supports the standard AUX input and Bluetooth/WiFi connection through a powered USB pocket with your own setup. There is also a slot for connecting Apple AirPort Express for AirPlay.

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