Chasing The Formula Dream
Overtake! anime series

Formula 4 serves as the entry-level category for formula car racing, originating in Italy in 2014 before expanding its presence to various countries and regions. It has since evolved into a crucial stepping stone for aspiring junior drivers on their journey toward Formula 1. The forthcoming anime series, “Overtake!,” is poised to give viewers a glimpse into the competitive world of the F4 Japanese Championship.

The narrative of Overtake! begins with Kouya Madoka, a once-celebrated but now world-weary photographer, who embarks on a visit to Fuji International Speedway for an assignment. While there, he encounters Haruka Asahina, a high school student and F4 race driver affiliated with the small Komaki Motors team. In an unexpected turn of events, Madoka rekindles his long-lost passion for life. Inspired by this encounter, he decides to immerse himself in the F4 scene, pledging to support and bear witness to Asahina’s journey as he competes against the formidable Belsorriso team in pursuit of his dreams.

This anime series is a co-production of Kadokawa and TROYCA, with Ei Aoki credited as the director, Ayumi Sekine overseeing the scripts, and Takako Shimura responsible for the original character designs. Other than the relationships between the main characters, it’ll be interesting to see how the team captures the fast-paced racing at iconic circuits such as Fuji Speedway and Suzuka.

Overtake! will premiere on the AT-X channel on 1st October and will also be shown on a selection of Japanese TV networks.