Five #Automotive Instagrams to Follow
Bookmark-Worthy Sources for Great Automotive Photography

Photography has always been an important part of Blackbird. As Instagram has grown, it has become easier for us to discover some of the talented automotive photographers from around the world, such as British photographer Amy Shore who we did an exclusive interview with her a few months ago. Undoubtedly, posting photos on Instagram has become one of the effective ways for photographers to get discovered with widespread exposure for their work.

Continuing our “5 #Automotive Accounts to Follow on Instagram” feature, we have picked another five inspiring automotive photographers from Instagram which we think are the bookmark-worthy sources for stunning automotive images. Scroll down for our selection and let us know what you think.

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Photographer: Jonathan Szczupak
Bio: Design Manager at Ford | Photographer of Cars | Traveller of the world | From Detroit MI
Personal Website: www.betweenthewhitelinesphotography.com

Can't wait! #goodwood #74mm

A photo posted by Jonathan Szczupak (@between_the_white_lines) on


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Photographer: Richard Thompson III
Bio: Cars | Cameras | Travel
Personal Website: www.rvt3.net/

meanwhile, back at the batcave…412P up for winter service ? #ferrari #412P #fantuzzi

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Photographer: Peter Aylward
Bio: Automotive Photographer
Personal Website: www.peteraylward.co.uk

Something pretty special about this engine. #ford #v8 #f1 #canonphoto

A photo posted by Peter Aylward (@peteraylward) on


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Photographer: Dean Smith
Bio: Automotive & Sports Photographer Shooting for Magazines & Brands | MTB Rider & Racer
Personal Website: www.deanphoto.co.uk

@grouplotusplc 3-Eleven. #carphotography #carporn #311 #lotus #hethel #photographer #evoc #evocsports

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Photographer: Jayson Fong
Bio: Australian Car Photographer | Fine Artist | Designer
Personal Website: www.formandfunctionintl.com

Leftovers #BTCC #britishtouringcars #motorsport #racing #teambmr #subaru #levorg #honda #civictyper #brandshatch #bhmsv #touringcars #carporn #carsdaily @officialbtcc @btcc_pics @teambmrbtcc

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