Zoom and Snap
Canon PowerShot ZOOM telephoto monocular

With the temperature dropping here in Hong Kong, it’s time to head for the hills for some hiking, camping, and other activities that embrace all the wonders of nature. Some people like bringing binoculars to make sure they don’t miss seeing wildlife from afar, but swapping between binoculars and a camera to capture the moment is never easy. Thankfully, Canon has just announced the PowerShot ZOOM — an extremely user-friendly compact telephoto monocular that makes things much easier.

The PowerShot ZOOM offers three viewing settings — 100mm or 400mm optically, and 800mm digitally — all controlled over a one-touch switch with instant zoom capability. While the image resolution is only 12-megapixel, the telephoto monocular is equipped with auto-focus when viewing through the electronic viewfinder, and also supports face tracking. Full HD video capture is up to 30p, and the photos and videos are saved onto the micro SD memory card.

The PowerShot ZOOM can be paired with smartphones using the Canon Camera Connect app over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In addition to downloading photos and videos, live view can also be displayed on the paired smart device, meaning the user can conveniently share what they see with their hiking companion.

The PowerShot ZOOM is scheduled to launch in late November this year for US$299.99.

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