Zero Restrictions
Rodin FZero

Rodin Cars from New Zealand may not be a household name, but they are now building a road-legal hypercar that could rival or even exceed the existing Formula 1 race car.

Australian entrepreneur David Dicker founded the company to pursue his dream of building the ultimate race car. Unlike many other boutique automakers backed by investors, Rodin Cars has the luxury of spending as much time and resources it requires to set the project right. Dicker has been shaping the concept of the FZero car for years and the company’s first car, the FZed, is a great stepping stone for FZero to succeed.

There will be two versions of the FZero: one will be powered by a 4.0-litre naturally-aspirated V10 that generates around 700 hp; another one will be boosted by a twin-turbo to output 1,000 hp and further upgraded to 1,600 hp. With the car being just 605 kg including the driver, one can expect astonishing downforce coming from this car, and an over 410 km/h top speed. Long-distant driving  is also a key aspect in the development as Dicker would like to take the street-legal version of FZero on a European road trip. The first example of FZero is being constructed right now and shall meet the public by the end of the year.