Worry-Free And Going Green
Aston Martin reversible electric powertrain for classic cars

With tightening emissions regulations for combustion powered cars in many countries, it presents a unique challenge for classic car owners – primarily in their ability to drive their beloved machines on the road in the future. The brand new Heritage EV concept developed by Aston Martin Works has demonstrated an alternate solution: an original 1970 DB6 MkII Volante sporting the world’s first reversible EV powertrain conversion.

Converting a classic car’s tried and tested combustion engine to an electric powertrain is not something now, but under the careful eye of Aston Martin Works this particular conversion enjoys a solution that just might please all parties involved – by being entirely reversible. Whether you’d like to reinstate the car back to the way it was originally intended or perhaps to court a better price when you are ready to sell it, this reversion back to its original state will hopefully help bridge the chasm between stalwarts of the old world with progressives determined to usher in a new age of motoring. This rather revolutionary conversion is developed around a new “cassette” EV powertrain – a self-contained power cell that sits on the original engine and gearbox mounts. The power cords from the cassette also supply electricity to car’s main electrical systems, with power management handled by a discreet screen fitted inside the cabin.

Some of this technology was taken from the upcoming Rapide E – and now that the first Heritage EV pilot concept has been proved to be a success, Aston Martin Works will begin to start offering customers Heritage EV conversions beginning in 2019.