World’s Smallest Business Jet
Flaris LAR 1

Claiming to be the world’s smallest business jet, the Flaris LAR 1 developed by Polish start-up Metal Master. The five-seat jet (taking a pilot and four passengers) was first visualised in 2013, but it wasn’t until this June that all ground testings were completed and the project is now on the flight testing stage, taking place in western Poland.

The best selling point of the 27-foot long Flaris LAR 1 perhaps is its detachable wings, which allow the jet to fit inside a garage. it only requires a short runways of 250 metres minimum, and is said to have a maximum range of 3,200 km and a cruising speed of 760 km/h. The craft will be fitted with a Garmin G600 TXi glass flightdeck and a whole-aircraft parachute system installed in the nose. The target price for the jet is €1.8 million and if everything goes ahead as planned, Metal Master will be taking orders for it in mid-2019.

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