“Without rules, people would live in a state of chaos.”
The Fashion Chaos

“Without rules, people will live in a state of chaos.”

According to early Greek mythology, Χάος is a formless and genderless concept of a void state which was perceived as the origin of the first god. Labeled as the initial god, or the god of ‘chaos’, it later gave birth to Gaia, the god of Earth; Tartarus, the god of hell; Erebus, the god of darkness; Nyx, the goddess of darkness and Eros, the god of love through asexual reproduction, which officially established the world thereafter.

The English word “chaos” was derived from the term Χάος, which ultimately means “a state of utter confusion or disorder”. In the real world, “Chaos” is often used to described the exact state, which has also become a rich source of inspiration for fashion designers all around the world. Case in point would be the 2015 Fall Winter collection by McQ by Alexander McQueen, the branch off line of Alexander McQueen managed by Sarah Burton. Creating impactful visuals with various geometric elements, it brings upon a sense of uneasiness which one might have in our unruly world. On the other hand, Jun Takahashi uses the term “Chaos” in UNDERCOVER as an alternate sense of emotional chaos which expresses his firm stance in such a troubled world.

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