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New Assembly Hall for Evija, Lotus

The whole world is going electronic in recent decades, including the automotive industry.  The British car manufacturer, Lotus, has also announced the launch of its first-ever all-electric hypercar back in July in 2019. The Lotus Evija is not only its first zero-emission hypercar, according to the manufacturer, but this car is also going to be the most powerful series-production road car ever exists!

Such a stunning new car definitely deserves to have a new manufacturing facility for production.  This new assembly hall sits right beside the company’s 2.2-mile test track at Lotus’ famed Hethel headquarters.  The construction of this hall has already involved 20 specialist contractors with more than 50 experts on-site over the past six months.  Besides the overhead crane, multiple car lifts, wheel alignment ramp, a total of 30,000 units of LEDs has been used to light up the place for ensuring high accuracy throughout the production process.  You can tell how much Lotus value the production of its first electric hypercar from the scale of this facility.

The hall is now ready for assembling the final prototype and is expected to start production in summer.  A total of 130 cars will be produced, which have all been reserved by customers from all around the world.

As Lotus remarked in July, this electric hypercar can generate in total 1,973 hp.  It has a top speed over 320km/h, and requires merely 3 seconds for 0-100km/h acceleration.  All these figures well-explained Lotus’ proudness in this new car.