When Vintage Meets Avant-garde
BMW × Garage Italia Customs

BMW has once again collaborated with Garage Italia Customs to reimagine the marque’s already bold and eye-catching i3 and i8 models in the celebrated Memphis design style of the 1980s. The concept’s iconic signature is the combination of unsymmetrical geometric shapes and contrasts of vibrant colours with diagonal, horizontal, and vertical lines and dots for an overwhelmingly abstract yet futuristic impression; its pure vintage meets avant-garde.

The process required a complex application of eight layers of colours including orange, purple, green and yellow both on the body and the cockpit, which is trimmed in Alcantara and Foglizzo leather. In all, creating a MemphisStyle Edition i3 or i8 requires more than five weeks. If you want to see this unusual and controversial creation in person, catch it at the Frieze New York art fair this May.