Wearable Sculpture
Maryam Keyhani hat collection A/W 2020

It’s not a particularly common sight to see people wearing interesting hats on the streets of Hong Kong. Perhaps it’s because of the hot weather that sticks around for at least half of the year, or simply because of the culture here, but a unique headpiece can add so much character to the right outfit. Luxury designer footwear and accessories boutique On Pedder is introducing the latest hat collection from Maryam Keyhani, and hopefully these elegant yet playful pieces might encourage more people to get out of their comfort zone and start wearing headpieces other than the usual baseball caps and bucket hats.

Born in Tehran and raised in Toronto, Berlin-based artist and designer Maryam Keyhani is a creator via numerous formats, including oil painting, sculpture, and fashion design. Her surreal personal style is channelled through the stunning hat collection which she launched back in 2017. From dreamy collapsible straw hats to billowing fabric concoctions, these unique and chic headpieces come in statement-making shapes rarely found elsewhere. The names of the hats – “Sophia Loren’s Kind of Summer Polka Dots” and “A Bucket Hat Instead of Sunscreen” – have a modern and sophisticated vibe with a hint of fun.

The Maryam Keyhani hat collection will debut in Hong Kong at the On Pedder New World Tower store from 30 October to 20 November, with an art-installation window created by the designer. 

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