Wear The Beat
Zungle Panther

The common problem with most wearable devices is while they might be very hi-tech, but look very unfashionable. Zungle from America has intricately implemented Bluetooth technology into their series of Panther sunglasses; by just connecting them to your phone or your tablet, you’ll also hear your music. In contrast to other general Bluetooth headsets, the focus of Panther lies in its bone conduction technology, where the sunglasses use vibrations to transmit music. Just as their slogan states, “The moment you wear the sunglasses, music starts playing in your ears; it is that magical!”

Another advantage of using bone conduction design is that the device introduces no obstructions to the ear canal so that the user can hear surrounding noises while not disturbing others with their music. Apart from listening to music, Panther also has a built-in microphone and speakerphone for wireless phone calls. Further, the music option buttons are waterproof and offer a continuous playback of 4 hours with 100 hours of standby after a full charge through the micro-USB. Panther comes in 5 different colors and offers seven replaceable Oakley Frogskin lenses that all support UV400. The product has successfully raised its funds on Kickstarter, and is expected to be released this November.