Waterborne Inspiration
Floating Motors custom watercraft

Rome’s Lazzarini Design Studio has brought us some interesting concepts in the past, ranging from jet skis to flying cars. Recently, the studio partnered with Italian watercraft builder Jet Capsule S.r.L. to create a series of watercraft that resemble iconic automobiles.

Launched under the new joint venture Floating Motors, these stunning boats take visual inspiration from the appearance of some of the greatest vehicles ever made. It’s not difficult to recognise the classic DNA that’s been infused into these watercraft versions, such as the Mercedes-Benz SLS, Mini Cooper, Jaguar E-Type, General Lee, and more.

Perhaps the most interesting example in the lineup is the VW Type 2 Camper lookalike. Staying true to the camper van style, the interior of the watercraft is equipped with a mini kitchen and sun lounger, and also has a ladder at the back for climbing in and out of the water, plus another ladder at the side for passengers to get to the roof deck in order to soak up the sun.

The watercraft can be ordered in catamaran, conventional, or foil hull types, while the length can range from 3 to 7.5 metres. The power of the engine varies depending on the model selected, ranging from 40 to 240 hp. Floating Motors also accepts special orders, in which the customer simply selects their favourite car model and the company will take care of the rest.