War Zone Survivors
1943 Dodge WC51 and 1943 Harley WL

The Dodge Weapons Carrier was the designated mode of transportation for carrying equipments for the US Army during World War II, while the relationship between the two parties could date back from WWI. Most of the time we see military vehicles in museums, an example of 1943 Dodge WC51 is currently available for sale.

Powered by the 6-cylinder Chrysler 3800cc engine, the WC51 has been faithfully restored as per the army required specifications of its time, with a list of tools including shovel, axe, fork, rope, camouflage net, jerry cans, cases and more ready inside. Towed behind is a replica trailer built using period photographs and documentation, and on top of it is an 1943 Harley-Davidson WL military spec motorbike. It was discovered years ago in a barracks in its original state and the previous owner restored it with accessories from the period. The combo is presented in the colours  82nd Airborne unit, and this is such a rare chance to own pieces contributed to world history.