Visible Moving Tracks
Trace Container by Nendo

Nendo‘s creative genius derives from careful observations of daily life. In their latest exhibition for the 2016 Collective Design Fair during NYCxDESIGN week in New York, Nendo uses their ability to transform things which are unseen or things that exist in our subconsciousness into designs for the wider public.

When you open any door, be it a front door, a window, our your closet, you always remember to reserve some space for it to “open”– as one would not naturally place a vase behind a door. This sort of invisible track becomes implanted in our minds through our life’s familiar habits. For a spatial designer, it is purely common sense, as they will always reserve space in their design drawings.

Nendo’s latest “Trace Collection” is a series of bizarre wood-toned containers, where each drawer is attached to black wire frames that trace those invisible tracks in our daily life to humorously form an illusionistic image. These days, when new things happen and spread at the speed of light, it’s commonplace to see interesting cutting-edge designs. However, it is rare for us to be in touch with it on a daily basis through furniture design. Nendo’s design exhibition urges us to be more in touch with the paths of our daily existence, as it clearly highlights the relationship between our objects and us.