Virtual Successor
Invisive’s Mercedes SLR Vision Concept

It’s no surprise that many would love to see a second coming of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, as such a high profile and definitive collaboration of the noughties. Chances are slim though, as the two automakers no longer partner with one another on the track, and with the introduction of McLaren Automotive, focused on their own road-going project development as natural competitors. Design studio Invisive, thankfully, has managed to fulfil this fantasy by reimagining what the next-generation of this grand tourer could potentially look like.

Now, we are fully aware that the likelihood of this manifesting into reality is a number lesser than zero, but it doesn’t stop us from admiring this independent work of beauty. Invisive has taken design cues from recent Mercedes-Benz models and given the SLR a more contemporary look, but signature items such as the side exhaust exits remain. Its creator believes the Vision SLR has struck that perfect balance between sporty and luxurious – we’ve got no arguments from our end.