Virtual Race To Reality
Ford Team Fordzilla P1 virtual race car

Automakers creating high-effort virtual race cars is nothing new, but Ford’s Team Fordzilla eSports team just took things to the next level, unveiling a new e-race car designed in collaboration with nearly 250,000 gamers. Ford even built a real-life, full-scale model of the Team Fordzilla P1 virtual race car for the livestream launch event, but the company hasn’t announced which game the P1 will feature in.

the first whiff in the air came in March when the company asked gamers to vote on the car’s package and features on Twitter, including seating configuration, engine position and cockpit definition. From there, Ford designers Arturo Ariño and Robert Engelmann went on to develop the exterior and interior design respectively.

The two seater has a monocoque structure covered by a large, jet fighter-style canopy and unique F1-like driving position. The front still resembles a GT car but is combined with extremely sculpted panels, while the rear end is exposed for better aerodynamics and race car aesthetics. Inside, the cockpit has an integrated screen on the steering wheel and LED notification units for track status updates. Finally, there are also a few special messages that speak to the gaming community, such as the AFK (Away From Keyboard) message on the floor in front of the co-pilot’s seat, as well as the #levelup and GLHF (good luck have fun) graphic on the exterior.


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