Vinyl Role Reversal
Love Turntable

The British Phonographic Industry recently announced that last year, sales of vinyl records reached a 25-year high with more than 3.2 million records sold, an increase of over 50% compared to 2015. Amazingly, during the first week of December, the number of records sold, for the first time, exceeded the number digital album downloads. What better proof that the popularity of vinyl is rapidly growing?

One of the reasons for vinyl’s reborn popularity is due to record players relaunched with features supporting the habits of modern listeners, such as wireless connectivity and converting analogue audio to a digital format. New record players now integrate directly with speakers making owning a turntable ownership less costly.

Swiss designer Yves Béhar has made an extra effort to fuse cutting edge technology and spinning nostalgia with his wireless Love Turntable. Its sleek, black and minimal appearance make it difficult to tell what it is. The turntable’s “traditional” stylus reads the records while it – not the vinyl – spins over the grooves, all supported on its base, a rotating foot pad which sits on directly the label of the record. Hence the record’s grooves are only touched by the stylus. This thoughtfully conceived turntable can be conveniently connected to smartphones or speakers via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for playback. It can be ordered now for October’s delivery.