Vacation In Space
Voyager Station by Orbital Assembly

Travelling to space for leisure has been an aspiration of mankind long before Yuri Gregarin ever proved it was possible back in the 50s. With a renewed interest in all things space at the moment, there are a few space travel projects under development and some are expected to launch within this decade.

Actual transportation aside, accommodation in space provides its own challenges and questions that must be answered. A new project, Voyager Station, is set to meet those challenges head-on by offering short and long term accommodation, or even a chance to purchase an off-world vacation home.

A joint venture developed by the Gateway Foundation and the Orbital Assembly Corporation, the Voyager Station is a massive space station with a diameter of 200 metres. The rotating station is designed to produce varying levels of artificial gravity, which allows humans to thrive in space for a long period of time. The most interesting part of the Voyager Station is the outer Habitation Ring, which consists of a series of large and connected pressurised modules. Each module can be divided into two to three levels and host a variety of configurations from privately-owned villas, luxury hotel suites, restaurants and bars, retail spaces, a gymnasium, and research and training facilities.

The team plans to build the Voyager Station with the help of in-space construction robots. Initial operation of the station could be as early as 2027.

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