Urban Fun
MINI Electric Concept

MINI has unveiled its Electric Concept that is going to debut at Frankfurt Motor Show next month. Designed for urban use, the concept car showcases how pure-electric day-to-day mobility might become a reality in the very near future. MINI has also announced that all electrified models will be branded under the “MINI Electric” banner.

The Mini Electric Concept is a four-seater. Its silver and yellow colour scheme is similar to the earlier MINI E, as well as the distinctive E badge. The signature circular headlights are paired with a closed hexagonal radiator grille in aid of superior aerodynamics. The front fenders are also sealed.

At the back the rear LED lights feature the Union-Jack pattern and the rear bumper apron is also newly designed. The concept’s 19-inch wheels contain aerodynamic inlays that were made using 3D printing technology. With a powerful electric motor, go-kart feeling and agility, the MINI Electric Concept should be great fun to drive and at the same time suitable for everyday use.

It looks like the concept is quite advanced in development and can easily be translated into a production model. The automaker mentions a brand new full electric car will be presented in 2019 and this concept is probably quite close to what we’ll be seeing at launch.

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