Urban Commuting
Harley-Davidson Serial 1 eBikes

Harley-Davidson unveiled the Serial 1 eBike concept in October last year, taking inspiration from the oldest Harley-Davidson model, “Serial Number One”, and featuring a clean and simple silhouette. The production eBicycles of Serial 1, though, have stepped away from the retro look and feel of the concept, and have a contemporary, sleek appearance that’s equally as appealing.

So far, Series 1 has released four pedal-assist eBikes targeting urban commuters and casual recreational cyclists, including the standard model MOSH/CTY, the more advanced RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU and RUSH/CTY, and the top of the line RUSH/CTY SPEED. All models are crafted in the same way, with a lightweight and strong hydroformed aluminium frame, integrated battery pack, Brose mid-mounted motor, and Gates Carbon Drive belts, not to mention integrated LED lighting and dedicated mobile app integration.

As the basic model of Series 1, the agile MOSH/CTY is powered by a Brose S MAG motor that produces 90Nm and has a maximum assistance speed of 20 mph, while the 529 Wh removable battery offers a range of 35-105 miles depending on mode and terrain. The RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU features a frame that makes it easier to get in the saddle. Both the RUSH/CTY and the RUSH/CTY SPEED have a 706Wh battery and a range of up to 115 miles.

The Serial 1 eBikes have been available in the US since spring and have just launched in Europe. Let’s hope Harley-Davidson plans to bring them to more regions over the world sooner, rather than later.