Upgraded For Next Season
2020 Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo

With 2020 approaching, Ferrari has revealed the new version of 488 GT3 for the coming international GT racing season.

The 488 GT3 Evo is focused on aerodynamics boost. The Ferrari engineers spent 18,000 hours on calculations and CFD simulations then wind tunnel testing to refine the car’s aero for boosting its stability. The result is a small frontal section under the headlights, with new pair of flicks fitted on the new bumper and complementing splitter. The door is also modified for better air flows, while vents on both front and rear wings have been redesigned.

A slightly longer wheelbase makes for an easier transition from GT3 to GTE. The Evo is 2.4 kg lighter than its predecessor thanks to the more rigid and robust Sabelt seat with new belts and buckles. If that’s not enough, the additional 24H/Endurance package offers a different bumper with additional headlights and Le Mans-type 4,500 lumen LED main headlights. All the new improvements are also available as upgrade kits for existing Ferrari 488 GT3.

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