Upgrade For G-Shock
Damue 5600-Carbon

Japanese custom watch brand Damue has created its very first carbon case custom watch 5600-Carbon, adding the lightest model to its stunning collection based on Casio G-Shock. The custom watch brand was established in 2015. With the designer previous worked in high jewellery, some of the previous models focus on detailed craftwork on the silver case, so the latest 5600-Carbon is having a relatively minimalistlic style.

The case of the 5600-Carbon is made of carbon-integrated materials – produced in Japan by compressing and heat-treating carbon fibre. It is non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant, and unlike other standard carbon materials, it does not deteriorate under ultraviolet rays, therefore the case can be presented without any coating. Paired with a rubber wrist band of a similar shade as the case, the sturdy and lightweight custom watch is just 55 grams.

The Damue 5600-Carbon is developed based on G-Shock DW-5600BB-1JF, and is compatible with a range of models, including DW-5600, GB-5600, GWX-5600, DW-5000 SP/ML/LV/SL (screw back) and GW-5000 (screw back).