Underwater Freedom
Ortega Submersibles

Netherlands-based Ortega Submersibles claim to have created the fastest, safest and most versatile submersible boats in the world. The two models, MK. 1B and MK.1C can carry two and three divers respectively. They can take divers to a depth of 310ft (around 95 meters) in just a few seconds at a top speed of 11 knots (12.7mph). Ortega utilises two high-powered electric motors to guarantee the impressive speed, as well as a unique Battery Management System (BMS) of the Hancell 378i Battery pack that has significantly improved the efficiency of the submersible, while at the same time increased storage place. On-board breathing apparatus and HUD navigation system are also of very high specification

When submerged, the crafts are designed to remain effortlessly controllable and steady, enabling divers to steer and park, just as they would in a car back on dry land. These new Ortegas might just be the perfect option for wealthy underwater aficionados everywhere.