Two-Wheeled Raging Bull
Lamborghini Mangusta Concept by Yasid Design

We’re all familiar with Lamborghini’s signature aggressive, angular silhouettes. While the Italian supercar marque solely focuses on four wheels, it would be certainly interesting to see what it would look like if the company ever decided to build other forms of performance machinery. Al Yasid, a digital designer behind many viral automotive renderings and prints in recent years, is here to answer that question.

Yasid selected the Ducati Diavel as the basis of his two-wheeled raging bull creation, named the Mangusta. This project has sampled Lamborghini design language for the bodywork with hyper-aggressive lines and angular shapes, all forged in carbon fibre to ensure a low-weight and high-strength exterior. Yasid has also dressed the Mangusta in familiar shades, including a unique silver found on the Lamorghini Reventon, as well as the signature Lambo yellow. Finishing it off, the iconic Y-shaped headlights and red LED strip taillights perfectly mimic the current Lamborghini design language, resulting in a pretty but aggressive overall package.