Two-Wheel Streamliner
Kingston Customs Good Ghost

Dirk Oehlerking of Kingston Customs is well-known for creating stunning custom-built motorcycles. The Black Phantom and White Phantom – both converted from the BMW R80 – were greeted with a warm reception when they were exhibited at the Haas Moto Museum & Sculpture Gallery in Texas last year, so much so that the museum invited Oehlerking to create a third bike to complete the Phantom trilogy. The result is the extraordinary Good Ghost, which is based on a 1980 BMW R100RS.

Like his previous creations, Oehlerking opted to keep most of the stock mechanical parts of the bike including the chassis and the engine. However, the R100RS is now completely covered in streamlined bodywork, hand-shaped out of 2mm-thick aluminium panels. Both the front and rear wheels have been hidden, while the exhaust pipes and taillight protrude from the rear, giving a wholly unique appearance.

The handlebars of the Good Ghost have been wrapped in sumptuous brown leather, while the instrument cluster has been merged with the seat, with the gauges arranged in a linear fashion. The whole leather seat lifts up to reveal the storage space underneath, while more storage can be found at the rear on each side where the “66” signs are located. The panel on the left can also be flipped down to reveal a neatly-stored tool kit including screwdrivers and wrenches, and on the right side hides a silver cutlery set. This odd combination just adds to the beauty and elegance of this exceptional motorcycle, which is currently on display at the Haas Moto Museum.