True Story Unveiled
Shelby American documentary

As automotive enthusiasts, we all looked forward to the screenings of Ford v Ferrari and of course, it does not disappoint. The Hollywood rendition of one of the key moments in motorsports history is filled with exciting scenes and entertaining moments, yet as a feature film only selected important events are included. For those who would like more on the life of Carroll Shelby –  the genius creator of the Ford GT40, the Shelby American documentary is not to be missed.

The two-hour documentary is created by Adam Carolla and Nate Adams, whose previous work includes another documentary named The 24 Hour War that retells the Le Mans competition between Ford and Ferrari. It was during the process of making the 24 Hour War the duo realized what an amazing character Carroll Shelby was and decided to devote an entire documentary to him. The team spent another 18 months to work with Carroll’s relatives,  colleagues and competitors to complete the story. The documentary doesn’t just feature historical clips of the man himself and key personnel such as Henry Ford II, but also new interviews from members of Ferrari’s Le Mans team as well as Edsel Ford II. The documentary is available on DVD, Blu-Ray and as a streaming download on Chassy Media website.