Tribute To The Rotary Engine
Formawerx Ignition FD key for Mazda

When it comes to aftermarket parts, options for different components can often seem endless. However, one niche that perhaps isn’t so well covered is custom keys, with very few companies focusing their energy on creating high quality customised keys for vintage cars. Enter LA studio Formawerx, which specialises in exactly this. Previously only designing keys for classic Porsche 911 and Land Rover Defender models, Formawerx has now also extended its services to the Japanese domestic market.

The Ignition FD ロータリー [Rotary] is designed specifically for Mazda RX-7 and MX-5 models between in 1993-2002 and 1989-1997 respectively, and draws its inspiration from the rotary engine (and yes, we know that the MX-5/Miata is not rotary-powered). The famous engine was first conceived by German engineer Felix Wankel in the late 1920s and was made famous by the team at Mazda in the 1960s. Now Formawerx has taken the unique shape of the rotary engine and has CNC machined its own unique key design from corrosion-resistant and nearly indestructible 303 Stainless Steel. The keys are also available in black, with a PVD-coated durable surface, and both silver and black versions can feature either a frozen or polished finish.

Starting at US$150, the Ignition FD could be the final little piece worth getting to put the finishing touch on your beloved 90s Mazda.


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