Transforming The Royale
Bugatti La Belle Époque Concept

The Bugatti Royale was easily the most luxurious car in the world when it was released in the 1920s — where modern-day Bugattis focus on speed and ultra-powerful engines, the Royale was more about celebrating prestige and elegance.

Korean designer Hojin Choi has created a new futuristic concept car inspired by the beautiful design language of the interwar period. The digital concept, La Belle Époque, features a teardrop design with the front wheels and fenders separated from the body, as well as the famous horseshoe grille as seen on the 1927 original. Choi has added a large glass bubble that encompasses the cabin and extends to the rear of the car — interestingly the driver and the passenger are separated by a central beam. Choi follows the styling of current Bugatti models, too, so the iconic C-shape on the flanks and the butterfly doors can also be found on La Belle Époque. Looking from the side profile, the concept retains the majestic, elongated proportions of its predecessor and all in all, the designer has done a wonderful job in mixing futuristic curves to Molsheim’s very from of yesteryear.

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