Track Car For The Future
Polestar 1:1 Concept

Belgium design studio VoyagerCo has created many vehicles and products for other brands, ranging from high performance boats, electric motorcycle to ice cream maker. When they are not working on commissioned designs, they come up with plenty interesting concepts too, such as this stunning Polestar 1:1 concept developed by VoyagerCo’s co-founder Jeroen Claus.

According to Claus, the Polestar 1:1 concept aims to answer to the thrill of all our senses aligning in one breathtaking moment. The track-only single-seat speedster is made of durable lightweight flax fibre. In additional to the ultra sleek appearance, airflow can be shaped through the flexible Active Aero surfaces. The reason why the name of the concept includes the “1:1” part is because of the the magical power to weight ratio i.e. one kilowatt to one kilogram. The tiny windscreen doubles as a digital dashboard displaying drive information, while more information is shown on the head-up display on the driver’s helmet, making it a truly immersive experience. While no performance detail has been estimated, the designer does emphasise that Polestar 1:1 is a vehicle with zero carbon footprint.