Toy Cars With Exquisite Paint Work
Custom Tamiya Mini 4WD by TKFM Hobby

For many kids growing up in the 1980s and 1990s in Asia, Mini 4WDs were a part of daily life after school, be it racing against fellow classmates with each unique car, or simply enjoying the manga or anime series related to the topic. The sentiments from childhood can surely lead to a lifelong passion, as demonstrated by @tkfm_hobby on Instagram.

Started in September 2020, the Instagram account is filled with images of Mini 4WD models featuring creative modifications and meticulous paintwork. The liveries are particularly refined, and use a combination of contrasting shades, reflective mediums and fine lines to showcase the unique silhouette of different cars, turning simple toys into sophisticated pieces for appreciation.

Little has been revealed about the person behind the handle, but from their social media bio we learn that the creator is a fan of Bakuso Kyodai Let’s & Go!!, the manga and anime series about two twin brothers and their world of Mini 4WD, and also highlights one of the cars from the series named Hurricane Sonic. The fact that the creator is trying to stay low key doesn’t really matter as long as they are sharing these fabulous models with the world. Head over to Instagram to view more of these stunning examples.