To The End
"Eulogy for the Dead Sea" by Polina Teif

Toronto-based artist and filmmaker Polina Teif has created a poetic experimental documentary and photo series titled “Eulogy for the Dead Sea”, chronicling the gradual disappearance of the salt lake.

The Dead Sea is bordered by Jordan, Israel and the Palestine’s West Bank and has been monitored continuously since 1930. Although it is the lowest place on earth, the area in fact hosts many species of wildlife, is suitable for farming and famous for its therapeutic high sodium and mineral rich waters. However, due to the diversion of water from the Jordan River and aggressive raw material extraction, the Dead Sea has been rapidly shrinking, with the water level recently dropping at a rate of four feet per year. Through the serene lens of Teif, we are able to view the existing and abandoned infrastructure as well as the lake’s current and former shores, contemplating how to strike a balance between commercial activities and environmental responsibility for keeping nature as undisturbed as it could be.