To Film And Be Filmed
CameraSelfies by Jürgen Novotny

German photographer J. F. Novotny  (alias J. Flynn Newton) is keen on preserving some of the most special historical character that are bizarre and beautiful ever captured on  film cameras. In his ongoing project CameraSelfies, Novotny takes very intimate “selfies” of cameras and have each of them set against nothing but on background of a matching wallpaper. The result is a “self portrait” that showcases the details of the camera’s physical beauty as well its “personality”, retaining the sensation of getting up close with these mechanical miracles.

The ongoing series was started a few years ago and so far over 90 film cameras have been featured, ranging from the more accessible Polaroid 1000 instant camera to the rarely seen Krasnogorsky Mekhanichesky Zavod (KMZ) Horizon 202 and Hasselblad 503cx. Check out Novotny’s Instagram for his latest work in the CameraSelfies series, and head over to his website if you’d like to purchase high quality prints of these beautiful images for your home.