Tiles From The Sky
Urban Tetris by Mariyan Atanasov

If we have to think of a video game that is even known by non-gamers, Tetris could easily be one of the best examples. Developed by Russian software engineer Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, the tile-matching puzzle game is not just classic, but has also inspired plenty of creations in other forms. Texas-based designer and photographer Mariyan Atanasov has turned buildings in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, into the famous puzzle game.

The buildings in Atanasov’s Urban Tetris series have been deconstructed into tile pieces of different shapes. To make the images cleaner and fit for the theme, Atanasov has cleaned up the surroundings of the buildings and replaced the background with a grainy, fading blue sky for an abstract mood. The minimalist work is graphic and surreal but somehow reminds us on how a building brings together different families with different backgrounds to form a community, just like different pieces in Tetris fitting into a whole block.