The Wow Factor
Goodwood Revival might just be the best automotive event in the world

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here; the madness that is the Goodwood Revival is over for another year. Three days of the world’s greatest cars, incredible fashion, thundering warbirds and plenty of cringe-inducing carnage on the circuit has finished up on the Sunday with perfect weather, a welcome change from the miserable conditions braved by many the day before.

This year marked the Goodwood Revival’s eighteenth running, and by all accounts, it was the best yet. With each iteration, the team behind this mammoth weekend seem to pull off the impossible, winding back the clocks of Goodwood Estate and transporting the entire facility and everyone lucky enough to be within it back to simpler times when tweed was king and ‘carbs’ needed to be tuned, not cut out of your diet. Sure, it’s the big things that initially impress, but the more time you spend at the Revival, the more you start to notice the little details; every tiny aspect has been thought of and restyled to fit in with the period.

It’s all almost enough to distract an attendee from the true reason The Goodwood Revival exists; vicious, door to door racing featuring some of the most beautiful, most desirable and rarest cars and bikes in existence. This year’s event saw some incredible battles and some seriously scary moments, some in which the drivers got away with it without a scratch, and some that unfortunately required a tow truck to make it back to the pits. While it’s sad to see the results of a meeting between a classic Jaguar and the tyre wall, the commitment of these drivers – pushing their vintage tin to the absolute limits – is what makes the Goodwood Revival so good.

We have now begun work on Volume 02 of our Goodwood series, which is dedicated entirely to the Revival, and will be available for pre-order in early November.