The Unofficial Sibling
Ferrari CascoRosso Concept

We’re all familiar with the classic Ferrari Testarossa. As the flagship model of the marque in the 1980s, it commands a cult following entirely of its own. Testarossa means ‘Red Head’ in Italian, and recently Macedonian designer Dejan Hristov has referenced this beauty and created CascoRosso – which literally translates as ‘Red Helmet’.

This unofficial render concept is based on the original silhouette, but Hristov certainly prefers his Ferraris to have more than a pinch of toughness — the front-engined supercar showcases pumped-up aggressiveness, sensual curves, and complex aerodynamic elements as demonstrated on raised fender wings and vents on the sides. There’s no sign of hinges on the doors, so it’s likely that the supercar would have gull wings rather than standard doors.

The style of CascoRosso gets even more aggressive out back, with an active rear wing, huge hips and rounded quad tailpipes to add to the drama. Overall CascoRosso is definitely not what you’d call the elegant prancing horse that we’re used to, but there’s no harm in seeing Ferrari’s angrier side, as imagined by someone far, far away from the design facility at Maranello.