The Truthful Reflection
No Sunrise No Sunset Pavilion by Walllasia

Hidden on a quiet shelter near Ao Nang Beach in the popular resort district in Krabi in Thailand. Located in this beautiful resort is the No Sunrise No Sunset Pavilion, created by award-winning architect firm Walllasia. It is a life-specific mirrored structure that represents the parallel world between the ultimate reality and the illusional world.

Created by Kamin Lertchaiprasert and Suriya Umpansiriratana for Thailand Biennale 2018, the name of the pavilion may sound pessimistic, but according to Lertchaiprasert it illustrates how human conceive the reality. “We see the world as the way we want so the world is like the way we are. Since we see the world as the way it is, we will see beauty and virtue of its nature.”

While the mirror-cladded fixture is a reflection of the reality with gorgeous views nearby, stepping inside you may be surprised to see a real-size statue of an old lady named Yai Sa, a symbol of love and waiting who awaits her lover’s return from his trip of searching for the ultimate truth. Through the project, the artists also wanted to create awareness on the condition of timeless moment, as well as showing the connection between being subjective and objective.