The Sweet Sound Of AMG
iXoost x Mercedes-AMG speaker

Italian audio system manufacturer iXoost is’nt shy about broadcasting its love of automobiles and motorsport. The Modena-based company has previously collaborated with Lamborghini and Pirelli, creating high-end speakers shaped as an exhaust system, a tyre, a helmet, and more. For its latest project, iXoost has partnered with Mercedes-AMG to create a home speaker system that looks just like the nose of the AMG GT Black Series.

The AMG Performance Luxury Audio is the very first sound system to sport an AMG badge. The appearance was a joint development by AMG and iXoost designers, with the central body made entirely of carbon fibre. At the front is the iconic grille, now decorated with Mercedes and AMG logos, all made of aluminium. The exhausts found on the sides are the exact same pipes that go on AMG GT vehicles. The whole speaker weighs 15 kg, and is 65 cm long and 76 cm wide.

The sound quality of this speaker matches its striking looks too. There are two 6-inch woofers and two 1-inch tweeters at the front, supported by two 1-inch side tweeters and two bass reflexes pumping through the AMG GT exhausts to provide a 360-degree sound experience. The speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 4.5 for easy connectivity. Pricing for this collaborative speaker has yet to be announced.