The Story of Human Connection
"Death Stranding" by Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima is the game we have been waiting for. The renowned game developer is famous for the Metal Gear series, and Death Stranding is the very first game created by Kojima after his disbandment with Konami in 2015.

Unlike the shooting and action-adventure nature of the Metal Gear series, Death Stranding’s gameplay is based around tasks that are uncommon in the contemporary gaming. The game world is set in the post-apocalyptic America in which the society is fractured and people are living in isolation. The goal of the protagonist Sam Bridges is to reconnect isolated cities through creating new bonds and delivering packages. The launch trailer below tells more on the background of the game world but may spoil for those who prefer having the story unfolds as they play along. With a unique concept, cinematic graphics and A-list stars including Norman Reedus as Sam plus Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, Lindsay Wagner and more, Death Stranding is full of surprises and lives up to the anticipation.

Death Stranding will be released on PS4 coming Friday, 8 November. Release on PC is scheduled for Q2 next year.