The Sound Of Exclusivity
Tidal for Bugatti home audio speakers

Bugatti has launched another partnership that goes beyond its original field of automotive design. Together with German company Tidal Audio, the two companies has set to create a new category of sound systems with exclusivity and high quality, and introduced ‘the bugatti of home audio’.

The collaboration begins with the Royale range of speakers that offers customisation on the speakers appearance, similar to the experience of getting a hypercar. The speakers are available in two main themes – Monocoque and Duotone, which allow buyers to select between piano finishes or avant-garde colour and material combinations including fabrics, leather, polished stainless steel, dark aluminium or precious metal, and of course carbon fibre surfaces. The front of the speakers are badged with Bugatti logo, while the ‘Tidal for Bugatti’ plaque adorns the backside.

Under the polished stainless steel and curved case are four subwoofer drivers per speaker, plus a 3-way front unit with a midrange-driver and tweeter with diamond diaphragms. The personalisation doesn’t just stop on the appearance, customers can upgrade ceramic midrange-driver with diamond diaphragms, for example. Like all modern home sound systems, Royale speakers can be controlled via smart devies and connected to all kinds of sources including music streaming services.

The launch will come with ‘Edition Noir’ and ‘Edition Blanc’, which are the all black and all white editions and each limited to 15 pairs only.