The Scent of Nordic Nature
Muro Scents Co. Natural Fragrances

A majority of people might be unaware of the importance of having a quality scent in the living space. While it can’t be seen with our eyes and a challenge to describe, its presence evokes a sense of joy and wellbeing. Smell is also closely linked to our memories and emotions and how we connect with certain persons and things. Muro Scents from Stockholm clearly is an expert in the field. The brand has developed a simple line to enhance one’s surroundings with fragrances inspired by the Nordic nature.

Muro Scents offers a range of product types for suiting everyone’s needs and preferences, including reed diffuser, room spray, candle, incense and body roll-on, currently available on four scents. The Nordic Musk is the company’s first creation. Created in Sweden, the scent is inspired between urban and nature, and brings out a sense of warmth like the Swedish summer. Other signature scents are Bakai, Palo and Kyara, all feature wood notes as the base but create different moods with each unique blend.

Available at:
K11 Beauty
Shop 105, Level 1, K11, 18 Hanoi Road, TST, Hong Kong