The Sapphire Upgrade
MB&F HM9 ‘Sapphire Vision’

MB&F has launched the Horological Machine N°9 (HM9) ‘Sapphire Vision’ as its first release of the year. The HM9 was first presented in 2018 and takes the extraordinary, streamlined automotive and aeronautic designs of the 1940s and 1950s as inspiration — the case of the timepiece is reminiscent of a jet engine, with fluid lines enclosing the beautiful movement.

The latest HM9 rendition is all about the transparent shell crafted from sapphire crystal, and instead of the air or the land, it pays tribute to an ocean dweller’s aesthetic. Just looking at the structure gives you an idea of just how difficult this piece has been to create — it takes around 350 hours of machining and polishing to create one single case of HM9 Sapphire Vision. MB&F slightly reworked the silhouette of the case to keep the lines smoother and a total of five sapphire crystals are required: three for the main components, one for covering the dial, and one for the dial itself. A patented three-dimensional rubber gasket and high-tech bonding compound ensure the components are perfectly sealed and the watch is water-resistant up to 30m.

With the new case material, the beautiful movement, featuring two fully independent balance wheels with a planetary differential, can now be appreciated without obstruction. The exquisite HM9 Sapphire Vision is available in four editions, each limited to only five pieces. Two editions feature an 18K 5N+ red gold frame, paired with black or blue movement. The other two editions are crafted with an 18K white gold frame, combined with red gold-plated or purple movements.