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Weber Workshops Coffee Tools

Any true coffee purist will pay meticulous attention to detail throughout every step of the brewing process. It’s the firm belief in this in-depth coffee brewing ritual that led to the birth of Weber Workshops. The company was founded by Douglas Weber, a Californian who found himself living in Japan in 2014 after years of experience working for Apple as part of its product design team. The board of Weber Workshops also comprises two ex-Apple industrial designers, plus a Japanese barista with a world champion title under his belt.

What makes the products from Weber Workshops stand out, aside from their high build quality and functionality, is their almost sci-fi-like appearance combined with their minimalist aesthetic. Take the EG-1 Electric Coffee Grinder as an example, which features a futuristic-looking matte metallic exterior and is also available in matte black ONYX. The burr grinder is good for both pour-over and espresso style preparations and is designed to have virtually zero retention. With the Blind Shaker included in the box, coffee grinds can also be transferred into the portafilter in a convenient mess-free way.

The EG-1 is designed to work with Weber Workshops’ Bean Cellar for a streamlined single dosing brewing experience of a professional level. Each glass container stores a single shot of coffee beans, allowing the beans to stay fresh via a proprietary one-way valve system.