The Porta-Pro
Beastgrip Pro

Beastgrip founder Vadym Chalenko’s initial intent was to produce a carrying handle, a corresponding tripod and a 37mm mountable lens for his Galaxy S3. As good ideas often do, his photographic wish-list turned into a highly successful Kickstarter project. His prototype has received over USD $40, 000 crowdfunding, proving that the market has a high demand for Beastgrip Pro-like photo accessories. Having learned from the constant follow up and the feedback of problems and user experiences from his first generation Beastgrip buyers Chalenko made some practical modifications to the new generation of Beastgrip Pro to make it more durable and functional in a highly portable way.

First, the latest Beastgrip version completely abandons the 3D printed materials used in the previous model. Second, Beastgrip has substituted nylon material for glass fibre that is poured into a mould, significantly enhancing the product’s durability. At the same time, the product now has a slide track allowing most mainstream smartphones to couple with their professional lens. Finally, their mounting device and their lens device can be used separately, making the design highly portable. Chalenko has also tailored a Beastcam Camera application for the Beatsgrip Pro. Not only does it make it an easy way to shoot, but it also presents the user with a high level of manual fun.